pirshreka.jpgI’ve confirmed that Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End will start showing in U.S. theaters Thursday night May 24th at 8 p.m. despite its official Friday May 25th release. This means P3 will now get a 4 1/3-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday. “Our box office reporting, as always, will be transparent,” a Disney exec promises on the subject of whether Thursday’s figures could creep into the official Friday-through-Sunday reporting by which most movies are judged. But I have to ask: won’t this cut into P3‘s final North American 3-day weekend tally and make it harder to beat Spider-Man 3‘s huge numbers? Clearly, getting more gross is the goal. I’m also told that P3 is clocking in at no less than a 2 hour and 30 minute running time. In fact, the invite for the May 21st screening says it’s 2 hours 47 minutes. As for whether it’s finished yet, I was reminded that Jerry Bruckheimer was also late on the first Pirates and delivered it only in time for the premiere which was the first time Mouse execs saw the finished film. But when you’re JB, Disney waits on you — not the other way around.

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