MONDAY AM UPDATE: ‘Pirates 3’ Breaks Global Opening Record

SUNDAY AM: The No. 1 movie in the country Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End didn’t meet the huge expectations for its 3-day box office gross receipts and trails Spider-Man 3‘s treasure trove. The Disney romp found $38 million in box office treasure Saturday, down 12% from its $43 million on Friday. lines100.jpgSunday is projected at $18.5 mil. So that’s $116 mil for its 3-day weekend from 4,362 theaters, well behind Sony’s Spider-Man 3‘s record-setting $151 mil from 4,252 venues earlier this month. “It looks like Pirates needed the full 4-day holiday weekend, plus the prime showtimes on Thursday, to beat what Spidey 3 did,” one expert told me. “As great as these numbers are, and they are indeed great, it looks like they really came up short compared to what people expected.” (Day by day news and analysis here.) Across the country, lots of moviegoers went to see the pic in elaborate Pirates regalia. But perhaps P3‘s ass-numbing 2-hour, 48 minute running time dug into its box office along with the film’s middling reviews and its Thursday night soft opening. One expert added: “What I think turns out to be the factor this weekend was you had two other big films still in the marketplace taking close to $66M dollars of business out of their wallet.” Until Sunday’s gross receipts come in, it’s hard to know exactly where P3 will place in all-time 3-day opening weekend records: it could be 4th or 5th. Still, Johnny Depp and the gang will set the record for a 4-day holiday weekend with its projected $146 million. (#s don’t include Thurs $14 million gross.)

johnnyorlando3.jpgThe Pirates threequel was the only one of the franchise to open day and date in 100+ territories overseas. Disney told me the international box office Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is on track to gross a record-setting $205.5 million thru Sunday. Korea had its biggest opening in history with $19.6M, same with Russia at $13.7M. Other big markets include the UK at $25.8M; France with $16.7M; Germany at $16.9M and Japan with $15.7M. The pic has a few major markets yet to open including China and India.

Meanwhile, Disney is trumpeting how Pirates 3 is “poised to have the biggest opening of all time at the global box office, beating the current industry record of $381.7 mil”. Actually, the current global box office opening record is $382+M set by Spider-Man 3. Disney will use all their global box office since Wednesday while Sony started its global box office that Tuesday May 1st but didn’t have the Monday holiday. So the comparison will be a worldwide six days vs six days.

bug_bigteaserposter1.jpgThe 2nd place film, DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek The Third is badly trailing Shrek 2 because of all those bad reviews. Over the same Memorial Weekend starting its second week out, the threequel’s Friday-Saturday-Sunday figure is $51 mil — even with big Saturday matinees for the kiddie fare in 4,172 theaters — while the sequel did a monster $95 mil. Experts are expecting Shrek The Third to post $70 mil for the 4-day holiday weekend. Its cume after the weekend should be $215.6 mil. Third-place Spider-Man 3 slipped a lot and spun just $13.7 mil for Friday-Saturday-Sunday in 3,723 playdates while its 4-day holiday figure should be $17.5 mil. waitress_posterbig1.jpgThe Webbed Wonder’s domestic cume is now $303.4 mil. And let’s not forget Spidey’s international gross has now passed $500M so the threequel is at $800+ million as of today. As for the rest of the Top 10, Pirates took a lot of wind out of their sails. Lionsgate’s new horror film from Lionsgate, Bug, directed by The Exorcist‘s Billy Friedkin, opened with $3.2M for Fri-Sat-Sun from 1,661 theaters. Fox Searchlight’s Sundance Film Festival find Waitress, starring Felicity‘s Keri Russell, stayed No. 5 earning a $3M FSS from just 510 venues. Top 10 chart for 3-day weekend:

  1. 1. Pirates 3 earned $43M Fri, $38M Sat and an est $35M Sun. (cume $116M)
  2. 2. Shrek The Third did $14M Fri, $20.5M Sat and an est $18.5M Sun. ($215.6M)
  3. 3. Spider-Man 3 made $3.7M Fri, $5.3M Sat and an est $4.7M Sun. ($303.3M)
  4. 4. Bug earned $1.1M Fri, $1.5M Sat and an est $1M Sun. ($3.2M)
  5. 5. Waitress took in $760K Fri, $1.2M Sat and an est $1MK Sun. ($5.5M)
  6. 6. 28 Weeks Later made $725K Fri, $900K Sat and an est $825K Sun. ($23.5M)
  7. 7. Disturbia did $550K Fri, $700K Sat and an est $650K Sun. ($74.4M)
  8. 8. Georgia Rule earned $500K Fri, $750K Sat and an est $650K Sun. ($16.3M)
  9. 9. Fracture made $300K Fri, $500K Sat and an est $450K Sun. ($36.7M)
  10. 10. Away From Her did $185K Fri, $310K Sat and an est $280 Sun. ($2.3M)