gilmore.jpgSo there’s news that Gilmore Girls will end May 15th, the close of its 7th season. I confess, this was one of my personal favorites, even though creator Amy Sherman-Palladino had given up the series last spring and David Rosenthal (best known for being Heidi Klum-obsessed once upon a time) took over and frankly loused it up. This season, the show has been too talky and not quirky and almost unwatchable. Anyway, The CW and Warner Bros. TV decided to end production. There were myriad negotiations to bring Gilmore Girls back for an eighth season. First, Alexis Bledel, who has a thriving film career after Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City and Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants (she starts the sequel June 3rd, was reluctant to return, and Lauren Graham didn’t want to come back to Stars Hollow without her. Then Graham was warming to the idea of returning for a shortened 13-episode season. So this it for the series, whose pilot episode back in 2000 received financial support from the script development fund of the Family Friendly Programming Forum, the first network show to reach the air with help from that  consortium of three-dozen major advertisers anxious to cool the sex and violence heating up airwaves and make the 8 p.m. time slot more family friendly. So here’s yet another way that The CW is Screwing The TV Viewers.