I’m told the Wall Street Journal has a new movie biz reporter. The replacement for Kate Kelly (who I said back in January was leaving) is Peter Sanders, a sharp Los Angeles bureau member who’s been covering casinos, hotels, etc. in his last assignment. wsjlogo.jpgIt’s not clear when he starts, because the paper is still trying to fill his old job, but it’ll be soon. He’s already beginning to bone up. Meanwhile, with Julie Angwin on book leave, Stephanie Kang from the L.A. bureau will be moving to New York to work with Media & Marketing editor Rich Turner. Kang will be on the Big Media beat, covering News Corp among other things. Previously, she was reporting about Nike and a bunch of other youth-oriented companies from the L.A. bureau.

Meanwhile, I wrote back in January about the Big Hollywood Coverage Shake-Up at The New York Times. Among the questions I asked was whether the newspaper would keep what was nytlogosmall.JPGtantamount to 5 1/2 reporters on the beat (Laura Holson, David Carr, Michael Cieply, Sharon Waxman, David Halbfinger, and freelancer Allison Hope Weiner). The answer, now, is no. Holson, who for the past six years has been covering the film industry from the L.A. bureau for the Business section, will be moving on at some point in the near future because of the NYT‘s normal beat rotation. But, for the present, she’s still covering the movie biz. She’s in a great position to pretty much decide what she wants to cover next. (I heard they offered her the telecom beat, and she said no.) Both David Carr and Sharon Waxman had/have book leaves. Halbfinger and Weiner are in Pellicano trial mode since it starts August 22nd. More changes are in the works. Stay tuned.