harvletters.JPGPost-Grindhouse failure Harvey Weinstein is spinning so hard, you’d think he made Spider-Man 3 instead. Now The Weinstein Co co-founder has written a defensive letter to the editor to the Los Angeles Times disputing Patrick Goldstein’s veritable gift of a story pining for the old brilliant Miramax mogul. This is Weinstein’s second such effort. In response to that ridiculously benign New York Times story a week earlier about Harv that was also a veritable gift considering how badly things are going, The Weinstein Co’s EVP/CFO insisted on publishing a cranky letter to the editor. This is precisely why I don’t miss the Old Harv. All this bad press is obviously taking its toll on Harvey, who’s working overtime trying to brainwash everyone into thinking that the new company is about to become a mega-hit. He must think he produced The Manchurian Candidate.