While others write nonsense about where agents go to eat, I’ll continue to talk about what agents actually do. And especially what they do to each other. keviniwashina.jpgI’m told that senior agent Kevin Iwashina, a respected indie/packaging rep inside the Film Finance Department (aka the Independent Group, which employs about a half-dozen film agents) and a 10-year veteran of that Hollywood agency, won’t be commuting to 2000 Avenue Of the Stars anymore. His office confirmed to me today he’s leaving very shortly, and this is sparking talk that CAA is trimming indie agents. Unlike a lot of CAA footsoldiers, Iwashina was allowed to develop an outside identity, speaking to reporters about his job packaging and representing independently financed films and international co-productions. He also has a leadership position in the showbiz gay community. caalogo.JPGNext week, he moderates the “GLBT Networking in Hollywood”  panel at the Equality Forum’s 10th Annual National Media Panel. I hear the partners claim Iwashina was abusive towards an underling (puh-leeze, like that never happens in Hollywood…), but others say it’s a feeble excuse to stop paying another expensive agent’s salary considering CAA’s new cost-cutting moves. I hear more high profile (and high paid) CAA agents are fighting to keep their jobs.

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