next_bigposter.jpgThink of it as the quiet before the storm: Expect a lackluster movie weekend before the sizzling Summer Movie Season officially kicks off the following Friday with Spider-Man 3. With no significant competition, Paramount’s Next with Nicolas Cage should finish this Friday-Saturday-Sunday as No. 1 with low teens, as in millions. But its reviews were lousy, so maybe not. (This is a Revolution /  Paramount pic, as compared to the many DreamWorks pics which Paramount has been distributing with a lot of success lately.) How Next fares could be a referendum on Cage’s box office popularity. Ghost Rider, which did great biz, wasn’t because it was based on the Marvel comic character. Anyway, expect the overall box office to be way down again since nothing very exciting is opening or holding over. (Last weekend’s B.O. was -20% vs 2006). OK, I’m taking the rest of the day off.

Paramount/DreamWorks Deal Looks Better Now