I’m told the Beverly Hilton will become prime hunting ground for Hollywood types looking for hedge fund money when the Milken Institute Global Conference kicks off Monday. You and I know that, not only have hedge fund guys replaced past suckers like German dentists and U.S. tycoon scions willing to part with moolah to glam up their portfolios and underwrite a few movies, but all they want in return is to meet Jessica Biel. milken.JPGThis year’s 10th anniversary confab features more than 100 sessions and 300 speakers and 2,500 bigwigs. But the must-attend event takes place Monday at 10:15 AM: “Hedge Funds: The Last Unregulated Frontier — But For How Long?” Speakers include Marc Lasry, founder and managing partner of Avenue Capital Group; Jon Lukomnik, managing partner of Sinclair Capital LLC; Robert Matza, partner and president of GoldenTree Asset Management LP; and Paul Roth, partner of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. The moderator will be Jonathan Spalter, chairman/CEO of Public Insight LP. Not such a far cry from when Mike Milken presided over Drexel Burnham’s infamous Predator’s Ball where Hollywood schmoozed junk bond raiders.