spiderman3_creepingart1.jpgSo what’s dark and disturbed Spider-Man 3 going to “web” in for its U.S. opening weekend May 4th-6th? Well, given the good and even great reviews starting to trickle in, and the amazing 90% awareness out there among audiences showing up in tracking, my box office gurus are telling me at this early date to “split the difference” between Spider-Man 1 ($114 mil) and Spider-Man 2 ($88 mil) — so that’s $101 mil. Sony needs to get those wheelbarrows ready for the cash, despite that $250 mil pricetag (which may really be $300+ mil). Jeez, I remember when any movie budget over $100 mil used to make Hollywood faint. Then $150 mil induced a cold sweat. But this sequel-crazed summer of the high rollers, the moguls aren’t even blinking at figures above $200 mil.