spider-man-21.jpgIn major cities around the country, Sony has quietly added lots of Thursday midnight showings of Spider-Man 3. Most of the sneaks start at 12:01 AM — so technically that’s Friday, which is the official day Spidey is released in U.S. venues. And in some major megaplexes, like Pacific’s The Grove Stadium 14 in Los Angeles, screenings will start at 12:01 AM, 12:05 AM, 12:10 AM, 12:15 AM and 12:20 AM. Obviously the studio is doing everything it can to ensure the threequel makes over $100+ mil its opening weekend May 4th-6th. (Spider-Man 1 took in $114 mil and Spider-Man 2 $88 mil). Sony needs to get those wheelbarrows for the cash, given that $300+ mil unofficial pricetag.