primetimetv1.jpgMaking the rounds of the agencies and managers is an email that’s got the first real pilot gossip. But a trusted source who passed it along cautions me: “I think this email is a crock. I am hearing that some of these haven’t even been screened yet. Thought you might be interested none the less.” Here it is, but you’ve been warned:

“FBC: New Amsterdam is “slow” (assuming that’s a negative). Nurses looks good.
NBC: Lipstick Jungle, Fort Pit and Journeyman look good. Chuck isn’t getting much heat. Bionic Woman not so good.
ABC: Dirty Sexy Money looks amazing. Jon Feldman, Pushing Daisies and Suspects all look good.
CBS: Babylon Fields and Viva Laughlin look good. Demons doesn’t look so good.
CW: Gossip Girl, Reaper and Wild At Heart will all probably go.”

When I have time later, I’ll post info about each of these pilots.
See here for the early renewals.