next4.jpgSUNDAY AM: So Nicolas Cage is back to making bomb after bomb after bomb, with his Revolution / Paramount pic Next unable to open better than 4th place, behind a three-week-old teen/tween movie and a suspense film starring nobodies. With a paltry per screen average at 2,725 theaters, it was hard pressed to even make $7 mil this weekend. Clearly the only reason anyone went to see Cage’s Ghost Rider was because of the connection to the Marvel comic book. Other than that, he hasn’t starred in a movie that’s made money since 2004’s National Treasure, whose sequel comes out this Christmas. Really, Cage needs to take a long, hard look at his failed career; appearing in badly revewed pics like this is a price quote killer. (Same advice to director Lee Tamahori, who directed standout Mulholland Falls, after all. Ditto producer Joe Roth, responsible for yet another failure.) That said, DreamWorks’ Disturbia saved the day for Paramount, taking in $9 million from 3,047 theaters for its third No. 1 placement in a row and a new cume of $52 mil. (See my Paramount/DreamWorks Deal Looks Better With 20/20 Hindsight) Disney / Buena Vista’s newcomer The Invisible was No. 2, making $7.8 mil from 2,019 venues for Friday-Saturday-Sunday. New Line’s Fracture finished #3 with its Anthony Hopkins / Ryan Gosling cast, eking out $7 mil from 2,443 playdates for the weekend with a new cume of only $21.3 mil. The rest of the box office was stillborn: it’s almost cruel to list the earnings of the Top 10.

disturbia4.jpgEven at the start of 5 weeks out, DreamWorks / Paramount’s Blades of Glory managed No. 5, adding another $5.1 mil from 3,056 venues for a big new cume of $107.9 mil. Rogue/Focus’ Hot Fuzz was 6th, taking in $4.9 mil from 1,272 playdates. With a cume of $12.6 mil, obviously Americans weren’t wowed by the humor of this foreign hit. Disney’s #7 Meet The Robinsons, the only kiddie fare in the bunch, has a new cume of $88.3 mil after taking in $4.8 mil from 2,461 theaters during its 5th week out. Screen Gems/Sony’s Vacancy, even with Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, fell 45% down to 8th place, on life support with $4.2 mil from 2,551 theaters and a pathetic new cume of $13.8 mil. Lionsgate’s The Condemned (did anyone see even one ad or trailer for this film?) barely opened with $3.6 mil from 2,310 venues for the 9th spot. And, finally and mercifully, Sony’s comedy Are We Done Yet? came in 10th at the start of its 4th week out, making $3.4 mil for the weekend and a new cume of $43.8 mil. Meanwhile, Warner’s holdover In The Land Of Women fell 44% out of the Top 10 altogether. As for other newcomers this weekend, Yari Film Group’s Kickin’ It Old School took in just $2.5 mil from 1,816 venues. And TriStar/Sony’s Wind Chill, platforming in only 42 venues, earned $18K. Trust me, this will be the last weekend of lousy box office — down 25% from last year’s with no movie even hitting $10 mil this weekend — now that the Summer Movie Season starts May 4th with Spider-Man 3.