laurenheidi.jpgI can’t imagine a more faked Reality TV show than MTV‘s The Hills. So, naturally, it’s being renewed for a 3rd season, which will debut as soon as this summer. (For crissakes, the 2nd season just ended a week ago!) Worst of all, it reached something insane like 60 million viewers and was consistently the most watched program in its time period of Monday 10 pm-10:30 pm among the 12-to-24 demographic across all of TV. But a decent portion of those viewers would have fled, I’m sure, if they’d known what a cesspool of self-promotion and cross-promotion was going on behind the scenes among the series’ so-called stars (most of whom appear to be little more than con artists). Let’s see… Heidi Montag used the show to score herself a record deal. Of course, she never mentioned that on camera. But it turns out she’s an aspiring singer recording a pop album with big-time songwriter and music producer David Foster for release later this year. (She claims her sound is the Pussycat Dolls-meets-Gwen Stefani, with a dose of Fergie.) Now, Foster just happens to be the soon-to-be-ex step-father of Brody Jenner, best friend of Spencer Pratt who has been Heidi’s boyfriend since the summer of 2006 and got a lot of inexplicable face-time on this 2nd season of The Hills. spencerbrody.JPGHere’s why: Heidi is now a client of Spencer’s management co. which also reps Brody. Because of the connection, Brody also got a lot of inexplicable face-time on The Hills. (Foster, along with Spencer and Brody, were all featured on the Fox reality show The Princes of Malibu. But Brody’s mom, ex-Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson, filed for divorce from Foster, and the series got yanked after only two episodes.) Heidi met Spencer through ex-Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari, who was then dating Brody. This is the same Spencer and Brody tag team shamed by Details magazine for concocting a scheme whereby Brody would rise to fame by dating Nicole Richie and getting her to eat. Thanks to The Hills, Spencer and Brody are being turned into Reality TV stars, and now Brody may be getting his own faked Reality TV show about his love life, courtesy of MTV. (“I wanna meet a girl who has nothing to do with L.A., a nice, normal, real girl. That’s gonna be a component of our new MTV show—me leaving L.A. to meet a normal girl,” Brody has claimed.) Meanwhile, the star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad (ex-Laguna Beach), just scored a gig as the new spokesperson for Avon’s young girl-targeted Mark cosmetics. mtv_thehills_cast1.jpgAnd she and BFF Audrina Patridge sat front and center during many of Fashion Week’s runway shows. That’s because she’s also scored a clothing deal to hawk those unflattering floaty dresses and stupid headbands she wears on the show. Last month, she and MTV announced the launch of a real-world fashion line scheduled to hit high-end boutiques, retail stores and online later this fall. Notice the timing? It’s right around the end of The Hills Season 3. Meanwhile Audrina ostensibly works for Epic Records. And MTV and Epic Records teamed up recently to release The Hills soundtrack. Of course, none of this self-promo and cross-promo has ever made it on camera. Instead, viewers are tricked into believing these numbskulls are just normal folk with a bit more money.

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