elianimation.gifObviously, Lionsgate has yet to find a horror flick too sick or twisted to sell. I’m told the indie studio is still going ahead with plans to release its bloodfest film about the torture and killings of college coeds on a trip to Europe even though the Virginia Tech tragedy is still fresh in the headlines. Hostel: Part II will open on June 8th. (It was originally supposed to open in January but was pushed back to March and then pushed back again.) The movie’s trailer notes the many shootings and stabbings in the U.S., and then the narrator laughs at how Americans “have no imagination”. I’ve already told you that its writer/director/producer Eli Roth (photo left) wants lots of violence… nudity… and sex and violence mixed together” in his films. “Hopefully we’ll get to a point,” adds Roth, “where there are absolutely no restrictions on any kind of violence in movies.” Quentin Tarantino is the pic’s executive producer (and recently used a fake trailer from Roth in Grindhouse) showing he’ll do just about anything for money. Sends those protest letters straight to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer. UPDATE: Here’s The New York Times catching up for Monday’s edition.