florida-universal-studios.jpgI’ve learned that plans are in the works for a new The Simpsons attraction at Universal Studios Florida. The ‘toon ride will “probably” physically replace the recently closed Back To The Future ride there, I’m told. From the few facts I could glean, the new “travel with Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie” attraction will be announced sometime before Fox’s The Simpsons movie release on July 27th, and perhaps as soon as this month. I hear the new ride’s opening should be Summer 2008. simpsonsfamily.jpgI’m predicting The Simpsons’ pic will be this summer’s biggest non-sequel/prequel blockbuster at the box office. Then again, The Simpsons TV show is huge around the globe. I can’t believe how everything connected with this new Simpsons attraction is very hush-hush. (Banter that there’s a gallows at Uni studios if anybody dares talk about it.) I hear it will “probably” be situated in the area where the Back To The Future simulator ride used to be located at the Orlando theme park. Opened May 2, 1991, at Universal Studios Florida, the attraction soon migrated to Universal Studios in Hollywood, California and Osaka, Japan. It officially closed on March 30 of this year in Orlando. Press reports say the Hollywood ride will be shutting down in the summer of 2007, possibly before Labor Day. News reports say Universal Orlando Resort plans to spend as much as $120 million this year on the design and construction of new attractions, as well as on other capital improvements, to offset declining attendance. That’s about three times what it spent in 2006 and about four times what it spent in 2005 for capital improvements, according to information contained in a report Universal Orlando’s parent company filed this week with the SEC. The purpose is to better compete within the theme park industry.