I’m told that DreamWorks/Paramount’s Disturbia and Revolution/Sony’s Perfect Stranger are in a dead heat for No. 1 going into this weekend. But I think Disturbia could do much better (it also has a great trailer). Forecast is for both movies to take in between mid to high teens (as in millions of dollars) at the box office for Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Rated PG-13, Disturbia starring Shia LaBeouf (who just snagged Indiana Jones 4), is in more theaters (2,925) and has a shorter running time of 1 hour 44 minutes. It’s Rear Window suspense re-made for tweens and teens and twentysomethings. Old-fashioned thriller Perfect Stranger starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis and directed by James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross), skews older. It’s being shown in 2,661 theaters but will be handicapped by its R rating. Too bad Berry doesn’t have more substantial nudity in the pic…. (Isn’t that why Swordfish opened so well?)