SUNDAY AM: Thanks to moviegoers under 35 years old, Disturbia was once again the No. 1 U.S. movie. The DreamWorks/Paramount thriller from the production company of Ivan Reitman (producer/director) and Tom Pollock (ex-Universal Pictures chief) scared up $13.4 million from 3,015 theaters this weekend, falling only 40% from last week for a new cume of $40.6 mil. kate_beckinsale5.jpgAgain, Shia LaBeouf, the 20-year-old handpicked by Steven Spielberg to co-star in Indiana Jones 4, showed he can not only open a tween/teen movie, he can keep it doing biz. (75% of the PG-13 pic’s audience was under 35.) But we also learned the The OC‘s Adam Brody can’t carry a movie: his In The Land Of Women chick flick tanked big-time. In 2nd place was New Line’s newcomer Fracture, starring the interesting May / September combination of veteran Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and newly Oscar nominated Ryan Gosling. The suspense pic took in $10.8 mil from 2,443 venues this Friday-Saturday-Sunday, which is the best that battered studio has performed with a movie given its long, long dry spell. DreamWorks / Paramount’s 4-week-out Blades Of Glory glided into the 3rd spot, with $7.8 mil from 3,459 theaters and a fresh new cume of $101 mil. Screen Gems/Sony’s Vacancy, starring Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale in a no-way-out horror film that cost only $19 mil, nick_frost3.jpgopened 4th after making $7.6 mil in 2,551 playdates, less than expected. Then again, I’m told this weekend’s ticket sales were way down from last year ($83.6 mil vs $103.2 mil). “Quiet before the storm,” as one box office guru explained to me, since the sizzling summer movie schedule kicks off in just two weeks’ time. The only kiddie pic in the Top 10, Meet The Robinsons, managed No. 5 even after 4 weeks out because of Saturday matinees: it earned another $7.1 mil from 3,001 playdates for a new cume of $82.2 mil. Rogue Pictures/Universal’s British cop comedy Hot Fuzz placed 6th in its U.S. debut after already making $50+ mil overseas. Here, it took in $5.8 mil from only 825 venues and recorded the weekend’s best per-screen average. Strong performances in college towns should continue to drive biz when Uni expands it next weekend.>

In the 7th spot, Sony’s Are We Done Yet? comedy added $5.2 mil from 2,944 venues this weekend for a fresh cume of $39.5 mil. Dropping from No. 6 Friday down to No. 8 went to Warner’s new chick flick starring The OC‘s Adam Brody, In The Land Of Women, which tanked to the tune of $4.7 mil from 2,155 theaters despite heavy TV marketing. Oops, Brody isn’t ready for his big screen close-up. In 9th place, Revolution/Sony’s thriller Perfect Stranger fell a big 63% from last weekend to eke out only $4.1 mil from 2,661 theaters for a paltry new cume of just $18 mil. (Talk about empty screenings: producer Joe Roth must be so proud.)  And, rounding out the Top 10, Disney’s endless 8-week motorcycle ride Wild Hogs squeezed out another $2.7 mil from 2,001 venues for a crazy new cume of $156 mil.