disturbia_posterbig.jpgSUNDAY AM: It’s official: Shia LaBeouf, the 20-year-old handpicked by Steven Spielberg to co-star in Indiana Jones 4 can open a movie. He helped DreamWorks / Paramount’s teen thriller Disturbia open No. 1 this weekend with $23 million on 2,925 screens. Releasing the PG-13 pic on teen-heavy Friday the 13th was a big boost, too. But the movie also brought in tweens and twentysomethings as well as some adults, because of the heavy marketing: 75% of the audience was under 35, and 57% of it was female. Meanwhile, there was more bad news at the box office for Quentin Tarantino’s, Robert Rodriguez’s and Harvey Weinstein’s double-feature Grindhouse. Not only did the much-hyped “Hard R”-rated pic place only 10th its second week out, but The Weinstein Co.’s release dropped a whopping 74% Friday to squeeze out only $1.3 mil from 2,629 venues. By weekend’s end, the pic placed just 10th with a -63% dip for a paltry new cume of $19.7 mil. (And Harvey Weinstein thought he was “incredibly disappionted” before when Grindhouse tanked its opening?) Its per-screen average of just $494 for Friday, $685 for Saturday, and $456 for Sunday, meant the much-hyped movie was playing in near-empty theaters.

perfectstranger_posterbig.jpgThe Will Ferrell/John Heder figure-skating laugher Blades Of Glory glided to 2nd place; it earned $14.1 mil from 3,467 venues for a hot new cume of $90.2 mil after three weeks in release. Disney’s 3-D toon Meet The Robinsons is the kid pic champ again, placing 3rd because of strong Saturday matinees and making another $12.5 mil from 3,238 theaters for a new cume of $72.4 mil its third week out. Disappointing were the U.S. results for Revolution / Sony’s Perfect Stranger, an old-fashioned adult-aimed thriller starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, which opened just 4th from 2,661 playdates with $11.5 mil, way below the mid-to-high teens predicted. But Sony launched the R-rated pic in 40 international territories, and I hear it’s doing much better there.

Sony’s African American comedy Are We Done Yet? took in $9.2 mil from 2,877 venues for a new cume of $33 mil. No. 6 went to Disney’s endless ride Wild Hogs, whose cume now is $152.5 after taking in another $4.9 mil from 2,429 venues after the start of seven weeks in release. aquateenhungerforce_bigposter.jpgFox’s poorly reviewed Pathfinder opened 7th, with $4.8 mil from 1,720 playdates. Warner’s holdover horror pic The Reaping fell 54%. It eked out only $4.6 mil from 2,603 theaters for an anemic new cume of $19.7 mil. And, in 9th place, Warner’s CGI epic 300 continued in the Top 10 even after six weeks out; it took in $4.6 mil from 2,140 theaters for a humongous new cume of $201.1 mil. (And remember, this pic only cost $60 mil!)Among the other movies opening this weekend, Chicago’s drag-racing flick Redline was a surprise No. 7 Friday but fell out of the ZTop 10 for the weekend: it opened with $3.8 mil from 1,607 theaters. First Look’s buzzed about Aqua Teen Hunger Force had a decent debut. Playing in only 877 venues, it still managed $2.9 mil. And Lionsgate’s R-rated gangster drama Slow Burn, playing in 1,163 theaters, $800K for the weekend.

  1. 1. Disturbia did $8.8 mil Fri, $8.8 mil Sat and an est $5.2 mil Sun.
  2. 2. Blades Of Glory earned $4.3 mil Fri, $5.9 mil Sat and an est $3.8 Sun.
  3. 3. Meet The Robinsons made $3.2 mil Fri, $5.4 mil Sat and an est $3.8 mil Sun.
  4. 4. Perfect Stranger earned $3.9 mil Fri, $4.7 mil Sat and an est $2.8 mil Sun.
  5. 5. Are We Done Yet? took in $2.4 mil Fri, $4 mil Sat and an est $2.7 mil Sun.
  6. 6. Wild Hogs made $1.3 mil Fri, $2.3 mil Sat and an est $1.2 mil Sun.
  7. 7. Pathfinder did $1.7 mil Fri, $1.8 mil Sat and an est $1.2 mil Sun.
  8. 8. The Reaping earned $1.4 mil Fri, $1.9 mil Sat and an est $1.2 mil Sun.
  9. 9. 300 made $1.2 mil Fri, $2 mil Sat and an est $1.3 mil Sun.
  10. 10. Grindhouse did $1.3 mil Fri, $1.8 mil Sat and an est $1.2 mil Sun.