bruce_willis21.jpgGet ready with all those Minoxidil jokes before this pic opens June 27th. But I’m told the exclusive-to-Yahoo full trailer for Live Free Or Die Hard has tested higher than the trailers for any action movie in Fox history. And that’s saying a lot: I still remember the stunned-into-silence impact on audiences that the studio’s Independence Day trailer had back in 1996 when U.S. landmarks like the Empire State Building and the White House were shown blowing up. And that was pre-9/11. But, seriously, this DH4 trailer is better than that? This isn’t Bruce married to Demi anymore (yeah, the last Die Hard installment was that long ago, back in 1995), it’s Bruce post-Pulp Fiction who nowadays makes movies not many people go to see anymore. But he’s also kept himself in kick-ass shape with no obviously discernible plastic surgery to mess up his face like Sly Stallone or Michael Douglas. The question is whether there’s nostalgia for John McClane still battling terrorists — see how ahead of his time he was? — not to mention the inevitable John McClane vs Jack Bauer internet arguments. Supposedly, it has all the testosterone of the originals, only in slicker and more CG-wiz packaging bruce_willis11.jpgsince it’s directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld I and II) and not that dinosaur (and Pellicano Scandal perjurer) John McTiernan or even Renny Harlin, who’s been MIA from major movies. But I think it’s the humor quotient that will ultimately decide its box office prospects. That’s what made Die Hard such an irrestistible franchise, because the 1st installment packed a lot of punch lines. The fact that Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob) is in it bodes well. I gotta say, though, it remains to be seen how smart it was to cast Justin Long as Bruce’s baby-faced sidekick because a little of him goes a long way. (You know — Warren P. Cheswick from Ed, the geek on those annoying PC vs Apple ads, the cut-up who  thinks he’s making laugh-riot comments on VH1 I Love The 80s series.) I think Topher Grace would have been a much better choice? But, oops, he’s already in Spidey 3.