bestlogo1.gifThe “Best of the West” journalism competition, recognized as the West’s most prestigious, is designed to reward journalistic excellence and to promote freedom of information. It is administered by the nonprofit First Amendment Funding and draws entries each year from journalists in the 13 states west of the Rockies:

Category: General Interest Column Writing
Third Place: Nikki Finke, LA Weekly
Blood From Stones (11-1-06)
Cash and Carrey (9-20-06)
War of the Words (8-22-06)
“Judge’s comments: Nikki Finke of LA Weekly works a beat utterly foreign to the judge and brings home the back story so compellingly, writing so authoritatively, that I’m surprised some studio head hasn’t had her knocked off. If you want to keep a secret in Hollywood, keep it far from this woman. Her painstakingly constructed account of a smear effort against the movie Blood Diamond by the diamond cartel gives readers a clear window into the machinations of big-money public relations. Her account of Jim Carrey dumping his agent reads like a TV script. In fact, she acknowledges such and proves the point. There is dish and then there is deep dish. Nikki Finke serves up the latter.”

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