It’s not even hours old, yet already New York Magazine‘s new entertainment blog is failing to give credit where credit is due. One of the lead items is about Harry Potter’s upcoming theme park for Universal Studios, which was my scoop back on April 13th. But NYM fails to note that. Not a very auspicious launch of the aptly named “Vulture” which clearly is feeding off the work of others. nymaglogo.JPGI’ve looked it over and I fail to see any news, just the usual warmed-over snark that fills up blogs these days. Here’s its description: “Users can expect both immediate access to entertainment and opinionated analysis of it. The blog will take lowbrow culture seriously and treat highbrow culture frivolously, blending witty recaps of TV shows, original concert footage, and Web video nuggets with irreverent coverage of critics, theater buzz, and news of book and movie deals as they happen.” Vulture will be headed by Melissa Maerz, formerly of Spin, and Dan Kois, a freelance writer and former director of development for Scott Rudin Productions. The mag is also starting a daily email newsletter guide to NYC arts and entertainment called ‘Agenda’, edited by Nick Catucci, ex-Village Voice. Good luck to all.