wildhogs_posterbig.jpgSUNDAY AM: Two of the most talked-about R-rated films of 2007, Zodiac and Black Snake Moan opened only so-so at the box office this weekend while the PG-13 rated (and dumb) Wild Hogs made a mint. That tell you anything? Playing in 3,287 theaters, the Disney yuckfest Wild Hogs about four middle-aged guys — John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy — rode their motorcycles to a whopping $38.8 mil weekend debut. (Saturday’s $17.2 mil screenings were way stronger than expected.) By contrast, 2nd place Zodiac, the serial killer saga from Paramount, was playing in 2,362 venues and made only a disappointing $12.8 mil Fri-Sat-Sun for star Jake Gyllenhaal and director David Fincher. (Why would Paramount marketing and distribution open both Zodiac and Black Snake Moan pics on the same day? What were they thinking?) Marvel-Sony’s comic book caper Ghost Rider is still revving its engine after three weeks out for another $11.5 mil weekend. (Cume is now a surprisingly good $94.7 mil.) Walden/Disney’s Bridge To Terabithia, the only major kiddie movie, had a strong Saturday matinee bounce to take 4th place and another $8.7 mil for the weekend. After three weeks, its cume is $58 mil. But disastrous is the only way to describe 5th place, New Line’s The Number 23 and Jim Carrey’s career right now: playing in 2,759 theaters, it had just a $6.6 mil Fri-Sat-Sun its second week out. Its cume is a feeble $24.2 mil.) 

zodiacposterbig.jpgDreamWorks’ Norbit, after four weeks in 2,827 venues, finished 6th with a $6.5 mil weekend.  (Cume is now $83 mil.) Warner’s chick flick, #7 Music & Lyrics, after three weeks in 2,644 theaters, had a $5 mil weekend. (Cume is now $38.7 mil.) One of the most interesting movies so far this year, Paramount Vantage’s Black Snake Moan, received great reviews. So it’s all the more surprising that the #8 movie not only didn’t do better at the box office, but its per-screen average was so weak. Playing in 1,252 venues, the Christina Ricci-Samuel L. Jackson starrer had only a $4 mil weekend. In 9th place, Fox’s Reno 911: Miami collapsed its second week out (-63%), mustering only a $3.8 mil weekend in 2,702 venues. (Cume is now just $16.4 mil.) And, rounding out the Top 10, Universal’s spy thriller Breach, in 1,498 playdates, made another $3.5 mil this Fri-Sat-Sun after three weeks out. (Cume is now $25.4 mil.)