300_posterbig.jpgWarner Bros. finally has a bonafide hit on its hand. I’m told that 300 is tracking “huge” and on its way to probably making $40 million this coming weekend. Hard to imagine considering this R-rated pic with no star talent is about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae — and most of the audience for this pic fell asleep in school during that history lesson. But it’s also from the Sin City creator, so this Gladiator Lite has become a most anticipated movies of early 2007 among 18-to-35 year old guys. (Also, 300’s billboards are everywhere.) Sony Pictures’ Sandra Bullock thriller Premonition looks to have the best opening on the weekend of March 16th. Good thing, too, because that actress’ sagging career is badly in need of a boost. (The plot consist of: Her husband’s dead, her husband’s alive, her husband’s dead… You get the picture.) I know a lot of little boys from the 1990s who are in college now and can’t wait for that blast from their past: TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), which should open very strong on March 23rd. Obviously, Warner Bros. is hoping to hook a whole new crop of kids who’ll kickbox their pals. It’s still very early, but already DreamWorks’ Blades of Glory — that low-brow comedy about rival figure-skaters Will Ferrell and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) produced by Ben Stiller and others — is looking good, along with Disney’s kiddie fare Meet The Robinsons, for the weekend of March 30th.