hillary_clinton_1984.jpgThe Internet has been buzzing about who made that “1984” anti-Hillary Clinton political video posted on YouTube on March 5th under the username ParkRidge47. (Hillary Clinton was born in Park Ridge, Illinois in 1947). There was even a suggestion that Hollywood mogul David Geffen commissioned it to help that other Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The Huffington Post claims to have solved the mystery: “We have learned the video was the work of Philip de Vellis, who was the Internet communications director for the successful 2006 U.S. Senate campaign for the Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown, and who now works at Blue State Digital, a company created by members of Howard Dean’s Internet Team.” Read his post here. The anti-Clinton video, dubbed “Vote Different,” has been splashed across the television news and viewed almost 1.4 million times on YouTube. Three days later, an anti-Obama clip, “Barack 1984,” posted on the same site three days ago but so far has had only 250,000 viewings.