When Hollywood options this (and you will), remember you heard about it here first. The New York Times is holding its second annual contest for an all-expenses-paid “reporting odyssey” to the African continent this summer with its Pulitzer Prize-winning Op-Ed columnist Nick Kristof for one university student and one schoolteacher. kristof-190.jpg“Don’t expect comfort so much as diarrhea,” Kristof says, describing this “rugged, tiring and emotionally draining journey [as] a bedbug-infested mattress in a malarial jungle as hungry jackals yelp outside”. The winners will be chosen on the basis of 700-word essays explaining why they’re the right candidates for this trip. According to “What you see on this rugged journey will open your eyes in a way that will quite possibly change your own life and priorities forever — and if you are an educator, those of the students you teach. You won’t merely be Nick’s traveling companion – you may bring a fresh perspective to his reporting via your very own blog or vlog on and MySpace. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Hint to Hollywood: Pitch this project as Animal House meets Blood Diamond, American Pie Meets Apocalypse Now, etc.