jared-stern.jpgAP is reporting that former New York Post gossip Jared Paul Stern today sued Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle in connection with that alleged 2006 shakedown scandal. Among those included as defendants in the lawsuit are the New York Daily News and — huh? — ex-President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton. So now this has devolved into one of those politically motivated lawsuits? Uh-oh. Stern accuses the Democratic political couple of attacking him in an effort to suppress negative stories about themselves. The AP quotes the complaint as saying, “This was intended as a prelude to Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency in 2008 as Page Six and the New York Post, clintons.jpgowned and operated by Rupert Murdoch, were perceived as significant impediments to a successful candidacy and the Clintons’ return to the White House.” Grocery magnate and private investor Burkle is known to be the Clintons’ close pal and a big-time Democratic donor. But Stern’s lawyer Larry Klayman just happens to be a long-time critic of the Clintons and a founder of Judicial Watch which played a major legal role in both the Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers lawsuits against the Clintons that went on and on and on. Stern alleges all the defendants defamed and inflicted emotional distress on him and wrecked his job as a Page Six contributor. Stern was suspended after Burkle went public with accusations that Stern had demanded big bucks ($100,000 and a $10,000 monthly stipend) in exchange for good press coverage. The Feds investigated Burkle’s claim of an extortion attempt but declined to file charges. Stern is asking for unspecified damages. Burkle spokesman Michael Sitrick called the lawsuit “preposterous”.