mittromney.jpgIt’s ridiculous to think an indie film depicting one of the darkest and most controversial events in Mormon history could ruin the campaign of Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate a Mormon. Even more ridiculous to think Hollywood is releasing this pic depicting graphic scenes of violence and fanaticism by 19th century Mormons on purpose to upset his campaign. “Director Christopher Cain said that the timing is purely coincidental and that he had never heard of Romney when he began working on the movie 2 1/2 years ago,” reported The Politico. “Things have changed dramatically for all of us in the last 150 years, and this is no reflection on Mitt Romney.” september-dawn.JPGThen again, right-wingers look for any reason to blame showbiz. The pic, September Dawn, to be released May 4th, depicts the slaughter of 120 innocent pioneers by zealous Utah Mormons in 1857. It’s historical fiction based on a real event: the Mountain Meadows massacre, when Mormons from southern Utah, and southern Paiute Indians, murdered pioneers from an Arkansas wagon train en route to California. In the movie, Jon Voight’s character and his fellow congregants claim that God delivered the pioneers into their hands.