UPDATED: Helicopters dumping water along the ridgeline saved Hollywood! Only hot spots are burning now thanks to the seven choppers. But, for 1 1/2-hours today, an out of control 150-acre brush fire was ablaze near Universal Theme Park in Universal City, California. Uni people told me there were no evacuations though there were a few minor disruptions, like power going down on a light grid only to be quickly replaced. (However, uni10.jpgI’m told a producer shooting on the Paramount lot nearby called up Uni management blaming them for the blaze and screaming how the fire had messed up his shot — and how he had to put on a blue filter. Jeez, film folk are sure sickos.) But the flames were also moving towards the famed Hollywood sign, where the blaze ran along the top of a steep ridge just dangerously above the landmark. The good news was that winds were low which helped firefighters. There was no damage to nearby structures. No injuries. But the fire burned dangerously close to the Oakwood Apartments where a lot of TV pilot season wannabe actors/actresses/families make their home this time of year. (Here’s LA Weekly video.) Two teens were taken into custody this afternoon in connection with starting the fire first reported at 12:51 p.m. The flames were burning in Dark Canyon in the 3600 block of Barham Boulevard and expanding to Forest Lawn Drive near one of the huge cemetery’s locations. That road is a heavily used connector between Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. About 160 firefighters were on the scene. (FYI, no that was not Ron Meyer, prez/COO of Universal Studios, speaking to TV. It was LA city fire dept spokesman Ron Myer.)