knockedup_earlyposterbig1.jpgSo you think no one in Hollywood ever reads those cruel public forum and blog posts written by filmgoers just to torture movie people? Well, the guy behind Knocked Up does because clearly he’s neurotic to the extreme. Judd Apatow, the writer/director/producer (whom I just called the “latest Hollywood hottie”) should be enjoying the fact that the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas, loved his forthcoming filthy and funny film. But he writes on those good reviews “make me think that a painful backlash is inevitable. I feel like starting the backlash, just to get it over with. It makes me want to examine my entire relationship with criticism. Throughout my career I’ve gotten good reviews and bad reviews. I have gotten reviews that are so bad a weaker man would never get up off the canvas after reading them.” So what Apatow does is indulge his weakness for reading them. judd_apatow.jpg“I like to put my name in the Google news and blog alerts and receive every single thing written about me and my work on the Internet. Then I can go home and stew on all of it, feeling both good and ashamed in quick succession. There is really no limit to the amount of time I can spend looking for any madman’s rambling about something I have been a part of. Time never moves faster than those hours I spend after midnight sitting at the computer searching for criticism and insults, which inevitably leave me feeling soiled to my core. I feel just as bad when I get a negative review in The Village Voice as I do when some kid blogging in Thailand says I suck.” So, flame away.