Adam’s pic Reign Over Me is opening nationwide this Friday. It’s the opposite of a comedy and it has Sandler playing drama, so it’s near-impossible to market. Yet few actors have enjoyed a promotional ride like Sandler has this week, most of it just like the film’s tagline “Let In The Unexpected”. On Tuesday, Letterman went home sick with the stomach flu, so Sandler was recruited as a last-minute fill-in for Dave. This was believed to be the first time the Late Show host had shown up for work and couldn’t go on. No, Sony Pictures didn’t poison Letterman to give Adam some national TV face-time much less a full-hour on a high-profile show. reignoverme_posterbig.jpgSo there was Sandler lovin’ it. He did a pretty decent opening monologue. He plopped his bulldog Matzoball down comfortably in the guest chair for an interview. He brought on Don Cheadle, his co-star in Reign Over Me and together, they sang Endless Love to one another. (Clip of the singing here. Sandler’s opening monologue here.) After Letterman, Adam went to New York University’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts where the cast of his movie got a standing ovation from an audience that included Tim Robbins, Salman Rushdie and Chris Rock. (Suddenly, people were winning bar bets that pigs would fly before that ever happened.) Now the film got a great New Yorker review despite its downer subject: a guy who loses his family in 9/11. The only problem I see after a Perfect 10 week of movie marketing for Sandler is that Reign Over Me, which was made on the cheap, is gonna be hard-pressed to see much theater love given this weekend’s very crowded field of Ninja Turtles, horror hills with eyes, Mark Wahlberg, and those 300 hardbodies. My box office gurus expect Adam’s pic to make around $10 mil since it’s playing in just 1,600+ venues.