hwooddemocrats.jpgAnd just whom are some movie studio heads really backing for president? Publicly, most claim they haven’t made a decision yet while they give to all the Democratic candidates who’ve announced a run for the 2008 presidency. But, in some cases, that’s just camouflage. The fact is a few have already made up their minds. Sony Picture Entertainment’s two chairmen, Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, are both backing Obama, I understand. Lynton has an Illinois family connection that puts him squarely in the Obama camp, while Pascal went to hear Obama speak a while ago and developed a lasting enthusiasm for his candidacy. Universal Studios prez and COO Ron Meyer is giving to the whole field but in fact supporting only U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd. I’m told it’s because the two men have a personal friendship dating back decades. And MGM chairman Harry Sloan is a stalwart McCain backer and has already hosted a fund-raiser. But a lot of eyes are still on Warner Bros’ prez and COO Alan Horn who has been one of Al Gore’s most lasting loyalists. Hollywood isn’t going to believe Gore is sitting out 2008 until eco-minded Horn gets his carbon footprint behind another Democratic candidate.