E! Entertainment has started its usual insipid but slick coverage of the Academy Awards. (And just think, I could have been part of it. Gag.) Now the hosts are plugging Victoria’s Secret bras — a custom one, with their names embroidered on them, give to the five Best Actress nominees. This sounds like a made-up reason to use the word “cleavage” 800 times.

It’s a lovely day here in Southern California. No rain (after a few days of wet weather), bright sun turning to cloud cover, which should help cool down the Red Carpet. Temperatures around 60 degrees. Just perfect for outdoor activity. Like keeping your boobs inside your Victoria’s Secret bra. I can’t wait for the next E! product placement.

Now E! is talking about “spanks”, the derriere enhancement undergarments. Claims Jessica Biel wears them. Host saying, “and I suspect Rachel Weisz wore this spank at last year’s Oscars.” Before and after shots. I’m getting creeped out. And there’s any wonder that women and girls across America suffer from body image issues?