nikkioscarsml2.JPGHey, weren’t the Oscars supposed to start early this year? 5oclock.gifThat’s what the official Academy Awards website kept saying. That’s what the ads said. So basically, the public was lied to! With the show starting 30 minutes later than expected, it’s doubtful that people on the East Coast are going to stay up to see the end. S when people were predicting this would be the longest Oscarcast ever, they were inadvertently including this half-hour “bonus.” Lying to an audience is not the best way to start off.

oscarsmilling.jpgInstead, there’s this puff stuff. ABC’s Road To The Oscars 2007 begins with a cute CGI piece starring the Happy Feet penguins and squeezing sight gag references to Borat, Cars, Little Miss Sunshine‘s yellow van and star Abigail Breslin. Then come the Red Carpet interviews with Chris Connelly hosting. Leonardo DiCaprio calls Marty Scorsese “my favorite filmmaker in the world”. Steve Carell claims that, after being in that damn bus all those weeks, “Greg Kinnear has horrible body odor.”

What’s with all the actresses wearing flamenco costumes as evening dresses? Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz (who’s still a brunette post-Justin Timberlake), etc. I saw one estimate that it would take something like $35,000 to get dolled up for the Red Carpet — grooming, hair, makeup, jewels, dress — if stars had to pay for it all.

Ryan Gosling came back to Hollywood in time for tonight’s show after helping scout locations for his next film, The Lord’s Resistance Army, about child soldiers in East Africa. That’s two points for him for trying to make significant motion pictures and not Norbit.