Chris Petrikin has left as in-house PR (actually, senior vp corporate communications) for the William Morris Agency because I’m told he’s negotiating one of those cushy movie studio PR jobs. Though the contract isn’t finalized yet, he’ll be the head of corporate communications for Fox Filmed Entertainment starting next week. In my opinion, excellent choice: Petrikin is very respected. Before Morris, he worked at Variety,, and the Writers Guild of America. Interesting how there are some really intelligent and capable PR types right now flacking the major movie studios (in alphabetical order): Dennis Rice (Disney), Janet Hill (Paramount), Steve Elzer (Sony), Stacy Ivers (Universal), Andrea Morozas (Warner). OK, the suck-up portion of this posting is now concluded. By the way, Petrikin’s calls are being forwarded to Cecile Ablack, the former head of communications for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who landed at WMA as senior vp of global corporate communications. UPDATE: *Ablack told me today she’s looking how to “restructure” WMA’s corporate communications office. She said her thought is to replace Petrikin with “someone with college newspaper experience to whip off press releases since a lot of stuff breaks quickly.” Uh, considering how competitive the agency business is at present and that Ablack admittedly knows nothing about the entertainment industry, I only hope WMA realizes it needs to hire a seasoned pro who does.*