billkeller.jpgHere’s further clarification: The New York Times executive editor Bill Keller has responded to Los Angeles Times editor Jim O’Shea’s reply in my LA Weekly column to Keller’s recent dissings of the LAT… Well, hopefully you’ve been following this here and understand the context. In my own opinion, dialogues about the state of the print news business are always interesting, especially when they’re provocative like these have been. Asked by me to comment, Keller emailed this afternoon: “What I’ve said about the troubles of competing papers is not an attack, it’s a lament. I think a strong, competitive LAT (and WashPost and WSJ and so on) is good for us, and good for the country. We all thrive on competition, and readers benefit. I’m lucky to have bosses who give me more latitude than some to invest in good journalists. I wish more papers were doing that. The best journalism news I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks is that the WashPost is aggressively building up its political and national security reporting staffs. That’s terrific news for everyone who cares about news.” See this update I filed today about how so many LAT editors and reporters are leaving to join other media outlets, or are about to leave, I simply can’t keep track of them all. Plus, O’Shea’s statements to me about how he’s trying, and claiming success in some instances, to retain them all. Stay tuned for Q-and-A with O’Shea.

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