matthews.jpgMeanwhile, insiders tell me that Hillary Clinton’s communications director Howard Wolfson may be pushed out sooner rather than later and that senior campaign adviser Ann Lewis already is taking more of a top role in that area. Lewis, of course, was director of communications for Hillary Clinton’s Senate re-election campaign and formerly White House communications director in Bill Clinton’s administration. It was Wolfson who made yesterday’s major mistake: saying Geffen is Obama’s campaign finance chair when he isn’t. But then, even after Geffen and others corrected the record, Wolfson went on Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show Hardball and not just repeated the error but compounded it.
First, there’s this exchange between Wolfson and Matthews:

MATTHEWS: Why do you call him his finance chair? He said that’s not his title. Why do you say that about Geffen?

WOLFSON: If somebody hosts a million dollar plus event, I’ll let you decide what you want to call them.

Then there’s this incredulous one:

WOLFSON: I’m surprised, as I said, that a candidate whose campaign is premised on changing politics, who’s campaign is premised on hope and changing — supposedly premised on hope and changing and getting rid of the politics of slash and burn wouldn’t just disavow these comments. It makes you wonder whether or not he agrees with them and whether or not the campaign put Mr. Geffen up to this.

MATTHEWS: Which campaign put him up to it?

WOLFSON: Mr. Obama.

Me again. This latter quote especially shows how ignorant of Hollywood Wolfson is. As if anyone could “put Geffen up to” anything he didn’t want to do.