hannibalrising.jpgThis weekend, the Weinstein Co. has a movie that could actually make double-digits at the box office. Given the disastrous performance of its movies ’til now, this is quite an event. MGM, the Weinstein Co.’s distributorship, is in a state of shock. My box office gurus say Hannibal Rising will finish the weekend in the high teens (as in millions), but still end up only a distant No. 2 to Dreamworks’ Norbit. This prequel has a tie-in with Thomas Harris’ latest Hannibal Lecter book. On the other hand, these predictions came in to me before the majority of rotten reviews came out. Ouch! I love the idea, and irony, that Harvey finally met his match pairing with wheeler dealer Dino De Laurentiis, the octogenarian and official film producer of the Hannibal character: hopkins1.jpgbecause it’s said about both Harv and Dino that negotiating with them is more painful than a root canal. Well, for Harvey’s sake, the new product he bought at Sundance has to fare better with moviegoers than his recent failures. Meanwhile, bankers are saying that the Weinsteins are planning to recapitalize their company soon. To read up on the convoluted history of the Hannibal Lecter movies, see my previous: Hannibal Is Harvey’s Cannibal NowYes, Sir, That’s My Cannibal and Will Hannibal the Cannibal Eat Hollywood?