wrightzucker.jpgSo Jeff Immelt, Jeff Zucker, Bob Wright and Ron Meyer did their dog-and-pony show for reporters today. And, boy, do those journalists ask lousy questions whenever there’s a conference call. Talk about softballs! (I wasn’t called on. Too bad, because I was going to ask Zucker, “How does it feel to know, and everyone to say, that you’re undeserving of this promotion?”) But GE chairman/CEO Immelt did make the point that he himself was assuming the chairman title of NBC Universal when Bob Wright relinquishes it in April. So, in terms of title, Zucker is not exactly replacing Wright since Jeff will only be prez. Immelt made noise about how Zucker has placed NBC “in good position” but only barely acknowledged the problems under Zucker’s watch. Immelt said Zucker was chosen because of “how he handled tough times. He never got down… The board and I had a chance to watch Jeff and decide he was the right guy.” All I can say is these moguls are in major denial.