brazilegore.jpgI’m assured that Al Gore will not announce he’s running for president at this year’s Oscars. I’m told this by a politico very close to the former vice president. Gore, of course, will face the TV cameras on the Red Carpet attending the Academy Awards because An Inconvenient Truth is nominated for Best Documentary (and the favorite to win). This notion of a possible Oscar announcement appears to have started with Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign manager Donna Brazile when she told a Pennsylvania audience about which candidate she’s supporting, “Wait till Oscar night. I tell people: ‘I’m dating. I haven’t fallen in love yet.’ If Al Gore has slimmed down 25 or 30 pounds, Lord knows.” Hollywood also wonders whether Gore will run in 2008. (Watch Warner Bros’ Alan Horn, a Gore stalwart: if the mogul throws his support behind another Democratic candidate, Gore is truly sitting out.) Nevertheless, newly nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, Gore keeps repeating he doesn’t have much interest in running again. And at a Silicon Valley conference on Friday, Gore rolled his eyes when asked for the umpteenth time. “I don’t have any plans to run for president, but I appreciate the request,” he said. Brazile does seem to indicate, however, a Gore run couldn’t be ruled out. As one news report said, “Gore’s weight, which has ballooned since he left office, is widely seen as a barometer of his ambitions, and the Clinton, Obama and Edwards campaigns have been studying his girth closely.” Oh, stop! I think Al looks just fine.