feb07_obama.jpgHollywood added to the international lexicon with famous couple terms like Bennifer, TomKat, Brangelina. Now Washington D.C. is unleashing Barchelle to describe The Obamas (Barack + Michelle). The couple’s cover for Ebony recently shot up sales of the magazine. And this is interesting: parallels between the couple and The Cosby Show‘s iconic Cliff and Claire Huxtable are being touted everywhere. (Why does real life always relate to Hollywood, and vice versa?) Writes Politico.com (a new and savvy political website): “They revive the image of a devoted and affectionate black couple — something not often celebrated by the media. Particularly in the mainstream media there aren’t enough images of loving black couples beyond The Cosby Show … The Huxtables were the quintessential power couple by any generation’s standards. They both had respected careers — he was a doctor and she was a lawyer — cooked family dinners together, and enjoyed (and routinely disciplined) their five children — all the while looking fabulous. (Remember those classic Coogi sweaters?) They also appeared to be very much in love, playfully teasing each other or cuddling on the couch to strains of jazz in the background. When it comes to comparing the Huxtables and Obamas, the similarities go beyond the obvious — successful, black and well-off. Barack and Michelle, much like Cliff and Claire, have been charged, by some, with being too good to be true.”