30 Rock announced this morning that Jeff Zucker has been named president and CEO of NBC Universal, succeeding Bob Wright, who’ll remain vice-chairman of GE. Zucker’s appointment is effective today. “Jeff will succeed one of the true giants in media — Bob Wright — to whom we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping to build this great media company,” Immelt said. “By any measure, Bob is one of the most successful media executives ever.  He transformed NBC from a broadcast network into a diversified global media company. He was always able to see what was coming next, whether it was cable, satellite, Hispanic broadcasting or digital media. Bob’s strategic vision and execution kept NBC growing.” And now NBC Uni gets stuck with Zucker. Here’s how they describe Teflon Jeff: “Jeff Zucker is a terrific talent and the right person to guide NBC Universal on the next stage of its growth,” GE chairman/CEO Immelt said. “Jeff’s 20-plus years with NBC give him deep knowledge of the company’s strategy, people and culture. In the past few years, Jeff has shown that he is an energetic, focused leader who can rise to a challenge. His creative experience, expertise in news and broadcasting and intense passion for the business were immensely appealing to the Board and to me during this succession process. We have real business momentum, and the time is right to make this important transition. I like the team we have in place today, and believe that the future for NBCU is bright.” Gotta tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a press release like this that couldn’t praise the many accomplishments of the guy they’re appointing to the big job. Because, in Zucker’s case, there are none.