Art Buchwald, who passed away Wednesday, will always be remembered in Hollywood because the  columnist / writer helped establish the parameters of what “net” means in the movie business. “Hey, buddy, have you found any more money in Paramount’s books?” the comedian inquired with his trademark impish grin when his celebrated Los Angeles trial attorney in that infamous (and successful) Coming to America case saw him for the last time in a Washington D.C. hospice. O’Donnell describes his reunion with client Buchwald in an upcoming issue of Daily Variety: “I had rushed down to Washington, D.C. from Wilmington, Delaware, where I was trying a case, because Art had checked himself into the hospice to die—liked he had lived his life—on his own terms,” O’Donnell writes. From 1988-1995, O’Donnell repped Buchwald in that lawsuit against Paramount over the Eddie Murphy comedy. A book came out of the case: Fatal Subtraction: How Hollywood Really Does Business.