denzeltom.jpgWho woulda thought? Denzel Washington was the No. 1 movie star for 2006, (after dropping off the Top 10 list in 2005), according to the annual Harris Poll which I’ve managed to put my hands on today. The annual survey of 1,147 U.S. adults contacted nationwide online between December 12-18th asked “Who is your favorite movie star” and received unprompted responses. It showed Tom Hanks, despite the success of his The Da Vinci Code, dropped a notch after topping the list three times. The late John Wayne maintained his third-place position from the previous year. And Clint Eastwood rose two spots to No. 4. Will Smith made his debut on the list in 5th place, explaining the success of his The Pursuit of Happyness. He tied with Julia Roberts, who sat out 2006 movie-wise. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise star Johnny Depp was 7th. But the real shocker was that, despite his drunken anti-Semitic rantings this summer, Mel Gibson still managed to tie with Depp for 7th. George Clooney fell a notch to only 9th place. And Harrison Ford, set for another Indiana Jones go-round, was down at #10 after placing third last year. Both Sean Connery and Sandra Bullock didn’t make the Top 10 this year.