paramount-logo.jpgThe inevitable Paramount press release tonight confirms my reporting earlier today: that Gail Berman won’t be replaced and Brad Grey will preside over this “new streamlined creative structure” for the movie side — the studio’s words, not mine. And, it also says that, “effective immediately, Allison Shearmur will step down as Co-President of Production, Paramount Pictures.” Interesting, since I recall a few days in 2006 when people swore to me that Alli had gotten fired, but Paramount denied it. So, yet another woman movie exec bites the dustbradgrey2.jpgHere’s more: “The leadership creating the Paramount Motion Picture Group slate, and reporting directly to Brad Grey will be Scott Aversano, President, MTV Films/Nickelodeon Movies, Brad Weston, President of Production, Paramount Pictures, and John Lesher, President, Paramount Vantage. Stacey Snider, Co-Chairman and CEO, DreamWorks, will continue in her current role. In making the announcement, Grey said, ‘This new arrangement further fine-tunes our label strategy, and creates a clear path for targeted development for the Paramount slate. We are confident that with Scott at MTV/Nickelodeon, Brad at Paramount Pictures, John at Vantage and Stacey at DreamWorks, that they will all shepherd great movies and filmmakers as we continue to rebuild the studio.’ Both Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks will each be responsible for providing the slate with 6-8 films annually. MTV Films/Nickelodeon Movies will release 4-6 films and Paramount Vantage up to 10. ‘Brad and Scott have proven themselves as pros. John is off to an extraordinary start at Vantage, and Stacey has got DreamWorks well in hand. It makes all the sense in the world to use the strength of our bench to lead the production team,’ added Grey.”