Make up your mind, Anthony. First, he and Kat Pellicano divorced in 2002 after an 18-year marriage. Now I’m told they’re going to re-marry. When I phoned Kat today, she declined at this time to confirm or deny my report of her pending nuptials. If you recall, Kat Pellicano mixed it up with Vanity Fair over John Connolly’s use of her interviews in his coverage of the Pellicano scandal back in April. She was also looking for a publisher for a book about her ex-husband. The FBI leaned on her to talk about Pellicano’s business and surveillance methods, but she refused. She has been quite vocal with her opposition to Anthony remaining in prison pending his trial (scheduled to begin in August). Meanwhile, Kat, with Pellicano’s other family and friends, essentially staged an “intervention” where they successfully impressed upon the one-time Hollywood P.I. the need for a skilled lawyer at trial, reports Drew Combs in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. So, a week after receiving permission to represent himself against charges of racketeering and wiretapping, Pellicano reversed course and will allow trained counsel to argue his case, the legal newspaper says. San Francisco-based Steven Gruel returns to the defense team and will be joined by Los Angeles attorney Michael H. Artan, according to the report. Both Gruel and Artan are offering their services pro bono. We already know Gruel, but newcomer Artan is described as “thorough, tenacious and liked by juries. He is everything you want as a criminal defense attorney.”