caalogo-thumb.jpgNo wonder CAA wants to talk about sports these days. (Surely you saw that they’ve hired another three warm bodies, this time execs, to run CAA Sports division.) Maybe because they don’t want to talk about the Oscars. That’s right, things are not going that well for CAA in the motion picture literary department. Think about it. Endeavor.jpgThey hired a bunch of motion picture lit agents over the past 24 months to bolster their aging list of screenwriters and directors. And they spent north of $20 mil to do it. But CAA winds up crushed in the writer/director category this Oscar season by upstart Endeavor agency which is only 1/3 of CAA’s size. With a little luck, Peyton Manning is secretly scribbling a script.

OSCAR TALLY (Major Categories Only)

Acting:                    CAA  7    Endeavor 2      ICM 0    UTA 0    WMA 3
Filmmaking:           CAA 7     Endeavor 13    ICM 5    UTA 2    WMA 2

TOTAL:                    CAA 14   Endeavor 15    ICM 5    UTA 2    WMA 5

(Sorted by the major categories of actors, writers and producers, Oscar nominees were put into the site to find agency representation. When multiple names comprised a single nomination, it was weighted accordingly. )