casino-royale-poster.jpgSony/MGM’s Casino Royale passed $540 million Friday night and officially passed Die Another Day globally as the biggest Bond ever. In the United States, the new Daniel Craig as 007 logged $161.2 mil cumulative U.S. gross receipts as of Friday. As of Sunday, the new Bond’s estimate is $553.3 mil globally (int’l $390.7 mil and domestic $162.5 mil). But the really big bucks have been coming from international theaters where the spy pic stayed #1 for weeks and weeks in 50+ countries. This was one of the movies that helped power Sony to a record-breaking 2006. The studio execs had estimated all along that Daniel Craig could blow past the biggest grosser in the Pierce Brosnan series, 2002’s Die Another Day, and its $432 mil global take. The studio expects Casino Royale to end up with as much as $575 mil theatrically worldwide.