kkelly1.jpgI’m told that the Wall Street Journal‘s very good showbiz reporter in the Los Angeles Bureau, Kate Kelly, is heading back to the NYC headquarters to cover Wall Street. Family reasons are behind the move. I’ll miss her Hollywood news and insights. On the other hand, one of the least savvy entertainment biz reporters at the Los Angeles Times is Claire Hoffman. So I’m surprised that LAObserved.com today reports on an LATNYT tug of war over her. “The NYT is said to be offering a pretty good starter gig in the Business section in New York, and the LAT might be countering with talk of a Las Vegas beat.” (NYT editor Bill Keller is predicting more LAT pick-offs.) The way I see it, she’s a features writer, not a business reporter. She should pen more self-involved magazine pieces similar to her well-hyped run-in with Girls Gone Wild jerk Joe Francis. But, on the Hollywood beat, Hoffman has allowed herself to be spoon-fed repeatedly and doesn’t bother to do homework or break news. Given her personal and professional style, she’d do well on the Vegas beat. In case you missed it Monday, see my NYT Hollywood coverage shake-up post.