My latest lalogo.gif column, Brad Grey’s Performance Less Than Golden, examines what people were saying about the Paramount honcho’s behavior at the Globes, and in recent weeks during this awards season, involving Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, table-hopping, the press room, the Dreamgirls‘ premieres, Stacey Snider, the late Steve Ross, and more. As I point out, “it may all sound terribly petty, and make no mistake about it — it is. But all this b.s. is what Hollywood uses as the yardstick to measure the character of its moguls.” Here’s how my column begins:

bradgoldenglobes.JPG“In front of the cameras, this week’s Golden Globes awards broadcast was its usual sycophantic, self-congratulatory schmooze fest. But behind the scenes at the dinner tables, as the Hollywood insiders cut into their free-range chicken, Alaskan cod and marinated tenderloin of beef in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, the sharpest knives were being reserved for one of their own, studio boss Brad Grey. The Paramount Motion Picture Group chairman/CEO should have emerged the object of envy when not one but two of his studio’s films, DreamWorks’ Dreamgirls and Vantage’s Babel, won. But instead, Grey was an object of scorn. It started with the place cards on the two Paramount tables, both positioned prominently, one populated by Dreamgirls’ talent and executives, the other by Babel’s. Place cards? No one could remember a time when they saw this peculiarity at the Golden Globes. But they existed to obviously establish the pecking order of the people attending. “Brad seems very concerned at all occasions exactly where he sits,” one studio insider said to me by way of explanation…Continued.