paramount-logo.jpgI can report exclusively this afternoon that exiting Gail Berman, who won’t be getting a production deal at Paramount, won’t be replaced, either. That means there’ll no longer be a president of Paramount Pictures — that job is eliminated. Here’s why: I’m told boss Brad Grey doesn’t think there needs to be one after the Dreamworks acquisition since Berman’s slate was permanently reduced to only 6 to 8 pictures a year now. Everything will stay with same with the existing personnel, so there are no plans to up anyone’s titles or responsibilities. Instead, Grey will act as ultimate referee of the four creative hubs now reporting to him: Paramount, with 6 to 8 pics, DreamWorks with another 6 to 8 pics, Nickelodeon and MTV with 2 to 4 pics each, and Vantage with another 10 pics. Over the years, lots of chairmen/CEOs in the entertainment world have run companies like this. (I hear that Grey’s model is the way Warner Communications mogul Steve Ross ran his many music divisions.)

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